COREOTOPÍAS. Miguel Braceli.

Self-published by the artist 
Design and edition: Miguel Braceli
Texts: Félix Suazo, Gerardo Zavarce, Lorena González Inneco

Edition 250
88 pages images and 16 pages texts
Spain, 2017

Distribution in Spain: pacabooks (among others)

 COREOTOPÍAS is an artists’ book that compiles the most recent work that Miguel Braceli has produced in different Latin American landscapes and in Asturias (Spain). His artistic practice sits in the field of collective interventions and photography, building large-format ephemeral works on public spaces. His preferred tool is collaborative performances through open public calls. The resulting body of work is a photographic record of an ephemeral act, which is accompanied by visual documentation of the artistic intervention in video format.

The works are presented in the book as a continuous landscape, through a foldaway object. Its pages create a robust line; a malleable sculpture that can be manipulated by the reader by approaching the tactile content of the works that appear in the book. The relationship between matter, the body and space, is a research topic that the author recreates in this piece; half-way between a photobook and an artist’s book.

Miguel Braceli has produced Sacar el mar, the only project included in this book made in Spain, during his artist residency at PACA_Proyectos Artísticos Casa Antonino, in 2016 thanks to the participation of several volunteers that made possible the utopia of Drawing the sea out, in Playa de San Lorenzo, Gijón (Asturias). We continue working and collaborating, so for us it's a pleasure to have the book in our space and organize distribution and delivery.

SACAR EL MAR residency project:

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